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100 Tips and Resources to "Greenify" Your Home


Normally, I try to not just stick a post in my blog with a link to another article, but this one is an exception. I found an awesome post on the International Listings Blog that gives an EXHAUSTIVE list that gives you 100 ways to “greenify” your home. Whether you’re looking to remodel your San Francisco home, to try to buy a greener home in SF, or just trying to live a little greener in general, I’m sure you’ll find some useful hints and tips that will get you thinking green. I’d name a few green ideas for you, but I swear, they do a WAY better job of describing everything than I ever could – so read on and enjoy. Hope you get some great ideas on ways to get a little greener in 2008.
International Listings Blog » Greenify Your Home: 100 Tips and Resources to Make Your House Environmentally Friendly.