“Unfortunately they could not maintain control of the bus and

Credit: Imperial War Museum. Public Domain via Wikimedia CommonsHowever, the project proved difficult due to wartime shortages of money, labor and material, and once built they were expensive to maintain. The government completed only eight tunnels, and shelved plans to build more.

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cheap oakleys Instead, he went to Hornsey College of Art determined to be a painter.The seventh of eight children (six girls, then him and Dave), Ray used music as a “way of communicating with the world”, and when he came up with the riff for You Really Got Me, he was just “learning to write”.He remembers fondly, too, the role that Manchester played in the boys’ development as they cut their teeth as a band with Dave on lead guitar, Pete Quaife on bass, and Mick Avory on drums.”I have great memories of Manchester,” says Ray, who recalls shows at Mister Smith’s and the Palace Theatre. “Manchester has produced many great bands; Allan (Clarke) and Graham (Nash) from The Hollies took me under their wing on the first Kinks tour.”We played Manchester before we had a hit record, every other week!” Ray laughs. “Most people thought we came from Manchester before they heard me speak.”We were once told off at Altrincham Civic Hall for smuggling fish and chips backstage he threw us out and said we’d never play there again.” cheap oakleys.

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