The second reason why my support for The Age began to wane is

They seemed to think we fit right in the community. I don really know why. We don dress like them, talk like them or think like them. This past week was “College Week” on Wheel of Fortune, so all of the contestants were from various colleges around the country. Julian, a freshman from Indiana University, appeared on the show on Friday and had quite a few chances to take home some serious cash and prizes to help offset any tuition and boarding costs. Unfortunately for the Herbert Presidential Scholar, a few brain flubs cost him some major dough, including a shot at winning $1 million.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Source: travels.On the other end of the spectrum, I discovered papers such as The Guardian,The Guardian Weekly andThe New York Times. They all makeThe Age pale in comparison.Similarly,The Sun makesThe Herald Sun look deserving of a Pulitzer.The second reason why my support for The Age began to wane is that I learned aboutreadership.That fact that more than twice as many people read theHerald Sun as doThe Age, speaks strongly to the part of me that believes that news must capture people’s attention. If it fails on this front, then why does it exist?Also, a paper read by more people will, to some degree, represent more people.So, while at heart I still barrack forThe Age, I’ve learned to view theHerald Sun with a certain respect.Sure, it occasionally produces articles that I find appalling according to my belief set wholesale nfl jerseys from china, but then,so does The Age Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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