The court heard the former lovers had met after Whitham was

The con only came to light when Miss Bailey was stopped by police for driving uninsured in the car she thought was hers Hermes Replica Australia, but which officers told her apparently wasn’t.Miss Bailey, 58, is now facing the loss of her terrace home because of her relationship with the ex con, who she met while working as a prison officer.To keep her scam secret, Whitham arranged for their post to be kept at the depot where she would then collect it.Miss Bailey found out about the re mortgage not long after, but didn’t discover until later her name was on the application. Miss Bailey Hermes Replica Australia, who hadn’t gone to the police because she valued the relationship and was put in a difficult position, was said to have discovered other frauds when the relationship ended and she then made a complaint.Whitham, of Smithy Bridge Road, Littleborough, admitted four charges of fraud by false representation. She was jailed for two years for the offences, which raised 61 Hermes Replica Australia,950.The court heard the former lovers had met after Whitham was jailed for 21 months in 2001 for defrauding her NHS bosses by paying 50,000 of public money into her account while working at Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale.After Whitham was released, in February 2002, Miss Bailey gave up her job to ‘develop the relationship’ with the defendant.

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