One day in March 1841 Northup is persuaded by a couple of

The film opens with Northup, happily married with three children, earning a living as a violinist in the burgeoning resort town of Saratoga Springs. One day in March 1841 Northup is persuaded by a couple of frock coated gents from a circus company in Washington, DC, to take a job with them. They get him drunk and he wakes up in chains in a dark dungeon.

There certainly truth to the idea that media have unduly demonised and/or misrepresented the Muslim faith as a whole; a faith which is largely non violent. However, as the long running problems in Ireland are the work of extremist Christians, so too has an overwhelming majority of post millennial terrorism been the work of extremist Muslims. To name a few: the USS Cole bombing, S/11, the Bali bombing, the Madrid train bombing, the 2008 Mumbai attacks, etc.

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