“No one can really be fully zero waste if you have a house

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canada Canada Goose Outlet goose President Obama has announced the long awaited choice for his Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra. Says Tim O’Reilly “Aneesh Chopra is a rock star. He’s a brilliant, thoughtful change maker. Then even heavier rains came over August 16 17 this week, along with a few tornadoes in Nicollet, Sibley, and Blue Earth Counties, all very short lived. The rainfall in these thunderstorms was record setting at many locations, even more so than the rains earlier in the week. Some of the new record amounts were: 8.12 inches at Redwood Falls (many flooded basements); 4.11 inches at Willmar; 3.98 inches at Vesta; 3.66 inches at Marshall; 3.57 inches at Montevideo; 3.18 inches at Melrose; 2.88 inches at Pokegama Dam; 2.73 inches at Lake City; 2.67 inches at Pipestone.” canada goose.

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