My girlfriends come over all the time to borrow things and my

One is Elvis Presley Prada Replica, airbrushed to matinee idol perfection on the LP cover of appropriately enough Blue Hawaii. The other is the archetype of the American abroad, as brash and overblown as, well, the Hawaiian shirt across his back. Think of the pop artist Duane Hanson’s hyper real Tourists.

So the one husband is talking about Wednesday night and the other is talking about Friday night. The one mentioned a restaurant. I asked his wife, who was there for the reading, “what about this restaurant?” Turns out that this couple used to go to the same place a few nights a week.

“Who are the clothes for?” he wonders. “It is challenging to create clothes for people who perhaps don’t have the perfect body, who aren’t a size 38, and to put those into the collection too. Why not? It’s a real world out there.”. Last week I got an invitation from a friend who’s having a birthday party for her two little girls. Shortly after the Evite arrived Prada replica Prada Bags Replica, I got an email from her apologizing for the invite and saying that she feels guilty overloading us with her family’s parties (her son’s bday was the week before). Then she said, “I wanted to write no gifts on invite but am always torn if that looks tacky or weird? Erin maybe you can devote a blog to that question!” I immediately wrote back and told her A: We were very happy to be invited and B: We were even happier to have something fun to do with our kids on a Sunday afternoon and C: I would definitely blog about it.

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Replica Prada Bags Describe your closet: My closet is like a treasure chest, you never know what you will dig up. My girlfriends come over all the time to borrow things and my daughter plays in it every day while I’m getting ready for work. You will find anything from a peacock feather bustle to a Valentino dress to a vintage full length leopard fur jacket.. Replica Prada Bags

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