Hunters are invited to submit recommendations to regional

The place has 12 lean tos, 21 tent sites and an 8 person bunkhouse. There are a lot of vacancies this week, for instance (mid August!), there are more vacant sites than taken sites. And here what you get: A spot on a large, clean pond surrounded by 3,000 foot mountains on all sides.

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cheap celine If you hunt ducks in timber, over decoys in bays or fields, or enjoy pass shooting on a river, you have an opinion on when and how you’d like the season to fall.Hunters are invited to submit recommendations to regional Waterfowl Hunter Task Forces by Feb. 19 to help set the dates of the fall 2017 hunting seasons for each of the state’s waterfowl hunting zones.The Department of Environmental Conservation evaluates Task Force recommendations in setting waterfowl seasons, which must comply with federal rules.The task forces for each zone are soliciting recommendations for opening and closing dates Cheap Celine, split seasons, and a special hunting weekend for junior hunters (hunters ages 12 15).Each task force includes representatives from the New York State Conservation Council, waterfowl hunting organizations, and individual waterfowl hunters who provide input representing diverse points of view.The DEC is expecting the feds to allow a 60 day duck season, split into no more than two segments per zone, opening no earlier than Sept. 23, and closing no later than Jan. cheap celine

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