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The Center for Resilient Design at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), part of the university’s College of Architecture and Design (CoAD), has received a two year grant from the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium to develop ways to protect ecosystems and their surrounding communities from flood waters. The grant project will focus on Greenwich Township in Cumberland County’s Delaware Bayshore area, where dikes built in the 1600s and already breached suffered significant damage in the wake of Hurricane Sandy nearly four years ago. Also greatly affected was the ecosystem just behind the dikes, which plays a vital role in both the local environment and economy..

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cheap jerseys Indeed in the first 10 seasons after the war, Scotland capped 10 players at scrum half and nine at fly half. This was not a recipe for success. Selection in other positions was no more consistent.. Which brings us to the second charge against the game, that it is pedestrian, so simple that it’s stupid. It is true that soccer doesn’t lend itself to a manager dictating every play as happens in American football. What the game has are its own frameworks, great debates over strategy, how to balance attack and defense, where to align players on the pitch. cheap jerseys

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