Buy San Francisco Real Estate: Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial steps most of us will ever take. And in San Francisco, you need active experienced agents who really know and understand the nuances of the local market. Our goal is to guide present and future San Francisco homeowners through the entire process with empathy, expertise, and attention to detail. We both know that the details include not only your finances, but also how you feel about different neighborhoods, types of homes, and locations where you’ll find the most comfort and convenience. Our job is to make finding a home as stress-free as possible for each and every client.

While we are helping you find your home, we will provide whatever services that best fit your needs:

  • Recommend a lender that will help you get the best interest rate and loan terms, as well as provide you with exceptional service.
  • Determine your needs and wants and learn about your taste.
  • Fully explain the buying process to you.
  • Show you homes based on the criteria you establish.
  • Hook you up to Zephyr MLS Direct, which provides you with the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data that agents use. You’ll be able to track your favorite properties and save your searches for future reference.
  • Walk you through the mountains of paperwork with clear and accurate explanations.
  • Provide you with comparable sales information so you can make an informed choice when you do make an offer.
  • Draft the purchase agreement for you and present your offer, highlighting your strengths as a buyer.
  • Negotiate price and terms of the purchase on your behalf.
  • Refer you to dependable home inspectors, title & escrow companies, home insurance companies, and movers. And we can assist you in transferring the utilities to your name. 
  • Meet you during the closing process at the escrow office and help review the closing documents for accuracy and completeness.
  • And continue as your real estate consultant and resource for any home-related needs as long as you need us.