Beerland Tonight you’re gonna get your kicks

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fake oakley sunglasses 8pm, Beerland Tonight you’re gonna get your kicks with a Texas sized dollop of sneers and beers, courtesy of Mortville and Super Secret Records. Spawned from Austin’s mid Nineties garage punk explosion, the twin local labels continue to spotlight the wildly skewed and the exceedingly snotty. Openers Sparkle Motion lean toward the latter with scream along anthems like “Drinkin’ and Dialin’,” from their new self titled debut. fake oakley sunglasses

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replica oakley sunglasses Ironically, it is also a protected species. Protecting the striped bass fishery, as much fun as it is, kills more salmon than the pumps have or the tunnels might. Declare an open season on the bass, which truly don’t belong in the delta, and see what happens to the native species you’re trying to protect.. replica oakley sunglasses

cheap oakley sunglasses Monterey/Santa Cruz Chris Arcoleo of Chris’ Landing in Monterey reported continued solid rockfishing with 25 ling cod and limits for 29 anglers on the Star of Monterey on Sunday along with 19 limits of rockfish and 12 lings on the Caroline. Saturday’s scores were similar with 35 limits of rockfish and 15 lings on the Star with 18 limits and 30 lings on the Check Mate. Allen Bushnell of Santa Cruz Kayak Fishing said, “On the north side of the bay, Todd Fraser at Bayside Marine notes good lingcod fishing up the coast near Davenport while suggesting the rock cod fishing is more productive near Natural Bridges and South Rock Reef cheap oakley sunglasses.

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